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We Have The Equipment To Do
The Right Job

Indian Rubber continues to develop to this day by adding new capabilities and state-of-the-art machinery each year. Indian Rubber now has:

» Molding Capability 28 to 500 Ton

» State-of-the-Art Automatic
Injection Machines

» Over 50 Compression
Molding Presses

» 7 Injection

» 2 Mills

» CNC Finishing Centers

» Presses sizes from 8” X 8” up to 36” X 36” platens with daylight openings up to 30”

Indian Rubber Works With You
Mold / Die Design and Tooling.

Any product’s integrity rest heavily on the quality of production molds and dies. Drawing on more than 30 years of tooling experience, Indian Rubber offer unexcelled design capabilities and access to tool and die shop manufacturing.

Rubber Manufacturing.

Depending on product design, size and quantity, Indian Rubber can draw on various production methods and equipment resulting in high quality at a competitive price.

Molding and Machining.

Indian Rubber offers the capability and equipment to mold a wide range of precision rubber products. Methods include compression, injection and transfer molding

Rubber Bonding.

A special expertise of Indian Rubber is the bonding of rubber-to-metal.. Indian Rubber maintains high standards which include thorough inspection, chemical cleaning and sand blasting, the application of adhesive coating and storage of metal or plastics components in a well-controlled atmosphere to retain a contaminant-free surface.